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Finally, it will help us make an informed decision if you can give us evidence that you use a largely secular approach to therapeutic practice or in your professional and non-professional life. Examples might be:
1. Active in a Unitarian Church, Ethical Society, atheist or humanist group.
2. Published professional papers, books or write a blog that illustrates secular values.
3. Work for an organization that generally is secular in nature - eg. Planned Parenthood, Americans United for Separation of Church and State.
4. Facebook page that shows secular values
5. Have a website that clearly shows secular values
6. Belong to FFRF, American Atheists, American Humanist Association, Atheist Alliance, or other clearly secular organization.

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"While you may or may not be religious or spiritual, you agree to use nothing but secular methods of therapy on clients referred by this service. This would preclude any use of spiritual or supernatural techniques such as prayer, past life regression, new age, anything that calls upon supernatural elements or any other therapeutic method not based on scientific research and best practices."


This service only attempts to match you with a therapist in your community. We provide no guarantees or assurances of quality or qualifications. It is important that you do your own research on their qualifications and reputation as well. Therapists in our database agree to use secular therapeutic methods only. They promise not to recommend prayer or other supernatural methods. While a therapist may be religious, they promise to keep their spiritual / religious ideas out of the therapeutic relationship.